Friday, May 29, 2009

Margarita, Anyone?

I must have margaritas on the brain. All of my stationery gifts have been of the key lime color! This is what Mac took to school for part of his teacher gift:
LOVE the blue and green combo, super cute and summery!

It's Friday, hooray! School is out and summer can begin! The winner of the flag note pad is...
Andrea! (all follower names have gone into a hat to be drawn out by one of my kiddos for prizes from here on.)
Please send me your addy and personalizing information for your own flag note pad.

It's been a busy couple of days, and there is no hope of catching up on projects and rest this weekend because it will be just as busy. Here's to a lazy upcoming week!
*And one last thing... I LOVE my new printer. I got all the kinks worked out and it is great!


  1. Love the notes! Awesome! And congrats Andrea! Enjoy the stationary! I know I love mine!!!

  2. Lucky teacher is all I can say! I'm pretty lucky too since I got some of the same note cards.

    Margarittaville, here we come!!!


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