Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Scrapping Derby Day!

Today is National Scrapbook Day and Derby Day! So, I scrapped a little this morning and going to a Derby party this afternoon. It was a fun day out at the track yesterday, no winners except for my outfit! It was comfy and cute!

Mom had a ton of this cute vintage floral print fabric leftover from my dress, so I made some embellishments! I cut out the flowers and I used felt, cardstock, floss, buttons and a little glitter glue. They turned out pretty swell!
To celebrate NSD, I am going to giveaway a set of these floral cuties. Just leave a comment to have your name entered into the pool for the drawing. They can be added to cards, scrapbooks, aprons, a jacket, lapel, etc. Fun, fun! I'll draw a name/number on Tuesday, May 5 at noon.


  1. I love the flowers. They would look great on a page for Baylee! Your Oaks dress was super cute!!

  2. Please include me in your drawing. These are cute.


  3. Amanda those are gorgeous! You are so talented and inspiring--I would never have though to raid my fabric stash that way!

  4. Loved the Oaks picture. (I hope by now you are speaking to the handsome guy with you)

    I can't believe the cute embellishments you made from fabric scrap. I have tons more if you want it. What great gift tags they would make.

    See you at Mac's game if he isn't rained out!!

  5. you are too talented...and your hat is too cute...we should do a hat swap next year!!! i love the embellishments, but please don't enter me in the drawing...i am not crafty at all!!! I love derby week too, but am looking forward to a do-nothing-but-catch-up week at home!!! See you soon! Amy

  6. Dang Amanda, those are so cute! I love them! Missed you Friday night at WRCC, I hope you can make it again soon! I miss seeing your smiling face!!!

  7. Dude. Those flowers are freakin' adorable!
    I would LOVE a set.
    Drop me an email at

  8. I love the flowers, they are too cute!!


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