Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Longing for the beach...

Yesterday, it was so pretty outside. The kids and I stayed out in the yard and on the deck all afternoon and we even ate dinner outside. Afterward, the kids were playing in the yard with Stephen and I hated to break up a good romp with a "bath time!" yell. It made me long for summer and the beach. It's not far... Mac only has 7 days left of school and Anna only has 2. I am so excited for the long, lazy days of summer play and pool going. No more rushed mornings and evenings trying to get in the tub and to bed on time.

So, once the kids went to bed last night, I got out my beach pictures to reminisce. I came across Elan's first trip to the beach and got the buzz to scrap. I drug out all my supplies and stayed up way past my bed time. The end result? A satisfying 2 page layout and I quenched my thirst for the ocean.
Close up, Elan had sand plastered all over his face. He fell, face first, in the sand and didn't mind.

Could this picture of him screaming bloody murder be funnier? He actually got over the initial shock of the sand and ocean very quickly and started to enjoy himself.
Summer is almost here! I'm ready and waiting!


  1. Every layout I see I think is the cutest one ever. These pictures of Elan are priceless. Has he ever grown up since last year. I can't wait to see all of my little ones on the beach. The only bad thing I can think of is having to put on the dreaded bathing suit. It probably doesn't even fit anymore - I'll just get a mumu!

  2. I was ok not living so close to the beach until I saw these layouts! Now I too LONG to see the beach! Our back yard pool is going to have to do this year! Great layouts Amanda!!

  3. So cute! I did beach layouts this weekend at the crop! Must be in the air!

  4. Hey, Amanda -
    Saw on Facebook that you have a blog. I started one last fall and I really enjoy the creative outlet. Perhaps we'll see you guys during one of our evening walks in the neighborhood!
    Jen Whelan


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