Monday, March 30, 2009

The Monkey Paper!

The cute pink monkey paper has been cut! I looked at it long enough and decided these pictures would be perfect with it! This is a page that I might give to my neice, Kendall for her birthday. I just love these pictures, they truly show the fun relationship between Kendall and Anna.

The second day of Spring Break has begun and I might loose my mind before week end. I did not intend to make a living of being a referee. Holy smokes, Anna could possibly take down Tyson in a match. She is a ball of fire. Yesterday I think I had to put her in time out about a dozen times, but she is the type that doesn't learn from her mistakes, but makes a game out of being
punished. That's the problem... she never feels punished because everything is fun!

Hello Monday!

Hello there! It was a good weekend- except the Cards lost... I'm glad I got to go to the Friday night game where they played like NBA stars. Last night they played more like high school second stringers. Oh well, we have next season.
I did quite a bit of crafting this weekend, mostly work stuff (invitations) but I did make a scrapbook page and this cute card for a sick friend. I got into my scrap paper stash again and came up with this happy garden themed card. I used my circle and flower punches for the flowers and cut other green strips of paper for the stems, leaves and grass. I stamped the "thinking of you" part in chocolate ink.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

CHA Louisville

I went with one of my best freinds, Elizabeth, and her mom to the CHA Convention yesterday. I was so excited since I had never been to a craft and hobby convention before. I was looking forward to seeing all the new papers, embellishments, tools and other goodies that they would have to offer. Instead, I felt like I was at a flea market. I was truly only impressed with 2 or 3 booths. The others seem to have had a bunch of out dated items for 50% off. The samples that I saw were less than impressive. Did I expect too much? Maybe... but still, I managed to find a few things. What all I did purchase came from the same booth (the 1 of 3 that I liked).

All of the products above are by Prima. The top photo is handmade paper with bit of thickness and texture and some really cute paper flowers. The bottom photo is some paper I bought. The paper with the hearts and the one with the circles are actually stiched. Since I don't sew, I thought these were great! I wonder how long it will take me to bust into the packages or actually cut the paper... they are awfully cute!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the road...

Going to Indy today for the "Sweet Sixteen"! Go Cards! Stephen and I are so excited to be there rooting on the UL Cardinals, going to get totally pumped up at a Pep Ralley... which I haven't been to since high school. The kids will be home, but they will be cheering from the sofa.
Lately, I have been trying to craft and make do with what I already have (which is quite a lot, actually). I am blessed... I have plenty, especially in the "crafty" department and Stephen never fusses or puts his foot down. In fact, he let me have an entire room in the house that's mine and he got the garage. And let me tell you, my craft room is the B-O-M-B! Anyway, I have a group of "crafty girl" friends and I made these cute and fun gifts for them. These little jotters are made totally of scraps! I am impressed with myself because I made 10! Here are a couple...

They were super easy to make: 2 pieces of chipboard that I covered with paper I already had on hand, embellished with scraps and buttons, then the note paper inside (a lighter weight, 65#) was also scrap that I cut to size. I held it all together with a binder ring and tied scrap ribbon on it for an added "holy cute!" The size of the jotters are 4.25x5.5 inches.
Make one today! Or... wait to receive one from me, you crafty girl!

Holy Cute Paper!

Ok, so I admit it... I find super cute paper and I just look at it. I don't want to cut it, or use it, or embellish it, I just want to hold on to it. My latest find, from Michael's, is this darling monkey paper. The monkeys are flocked (feel fuzzy)! I just love it and so does Anna- she immediately thinks it should be put in her scrapbook. However, I just can't let go yet. So, it will remain on my desk where I can keep a good eye on it!

My nephew, Bo, is in the hospital and has been since Tuesday night. He's only 4 weeks old and has been running a horribly high fever for several days. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. My brother and his wife are in need of some serious sleep and a day without worry. I have faith that he will be okay. This is a picture of baby Bo on his birthday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amazing Pages for CK

Not that I am afraid of rejection or not being chosen, but I have finally gotten up the courage and confidence to submit some of my scrapbook pages to my favorite scrap mag, Creating Keepsakes. They had a call for "Amazing Pages" to be published in their October issue. So, I sent a few out to see what happens.

I would LOVE to be published, in fact it has been my New Years Resolution for the past 3 years. Well, you can't get published if you don't send in anything... so, this is the year! Here are a few of my submissions. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Go Cards!

You can always tell when March Madness arrives because Stephen can be heard from blocks away while cheering/scolding the players. One night I banned him from watching the game at home because he was so obnoxious. Tonight, our UL Cardinals will be playing and I'm sure the roof will be raised! We will have our own little cheering section rooting them on through the tournament. Go Cards!

Tonight, I will also be hosting the first "Crafty Girls" night out. I am really looking forward to haning out with fun, crafty people and chit-chatting about photos and different projects. Eveyone is bringing a snack to share, so I am sure that an obscene amount of eating and drinking will also be happening. (Especially since all of us are "crafty UL Cardinal fans"!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We say goodbye...

Today, we said goodbye to a family pet. Sydney, my mom and dad's dog of 14 years was sent to heaven. Sydie Girl had a wonderful life full of daily walks, frisbee catching, UPS truck chasing, neighbor visiting, and shoe carrying. All of us will always remember good `ole "Gigi".
On a brighter note, Elan and I took mom and Stephen's gradmother, Beulah (who we call "Mamaw" and is in her eighties and looks great) out to lunch. We had a wonderful time and Mamaw is so funny, a breath of fresh air. Elan loves her and he also loves this sweater she made for him. My mom and Beulah are amazing... I love being surrounded by so much talent and creativity!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am very lucky... I hope you feel lucky too! This is one of the two St. Patrick's Day cards I made this year. I intended to make several and send them out with a cute picture of all the kids in their shades of green, but it didn't happen. I tend to have high hopes for myself getting things done and I always fall short. I think I have too many ideas spilling out at one time...

Right now I am painting my kitchen, but while in the process I also started cleaning it, scrubbing the hardwood and had Stephen rip out the ceiling and re-patch it. It's finally starting to come together and I love the color, Applesauce Cake. I may have chosen the color because of it's name, just like how I pick a race horse.
The day is gorgeous so I hope to play and ride bikes outside with the kids this afternoon. Enjoy your day and good luck always!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sweet Boy

Mac is my oldest child. He is the oldest of three and just turned six years old. He is sweet, gentle, smart and oh, so handsome. (He looks exactly like his daddy!) He is so sensitive that he cried and could barely recover after visiting his Mimi after foot surgery. (She is doing great, but it nearly killed Mac to see her in any pain.)

Last night as I was watching T.V. I saw the new McDonald's commercial. The one where the big brother has to share everything with his baby and he never gets upset or frustrated, the big brother just goes on about his business. Then, the mom takes him out to lunch- just the two of them- one on one time together where the big brother doesn't have to share time/toys/food, etc. This commercial reminded me so much of Mac. He shares everything and never complains.
What a sweet boy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a Blogger!

Well look at me! I'm a Blogger! Here's my first post and I really hope I stick with it. I want to gain inspiration and ideas from other "crafty girls" and I think this is a good start! I intend to post pictures and info. of different projects I'm working on and of course, some cute pics of the kids!
Ok... off to learn more about "blogging".