Monday, May 18, 2009

LOOK, MOM! Look at ME!!!

No training wheels! Mac is officially a big boy... Stephen took his training wheels off his bike yesterday afternoon and he started riding his bike like a pro. It only took about 8 minutes (total) of holding on to the back of his bike before he had it down, seriously. He was so proud of himself! He even fell once and got hurt, but got right back up and did it again.
Wrigley was supervising, making sure that Stephen didn't let go too soon...

Off he went, down the court by himself...

So many changes this spring: finishing Kindergarten, riding a bike, playing soccer and scoring his first goal... next he'll be graduating high school and asking for the car keys. Sniff, sniff...


  1. It gets easier! That is awesome! I remember that was us this time last year, but my "baby" learned to ride his bike just a few short months later without training wheels too. Now he'll start Kindergarten next year! Wow, time sure does fly!

  2. You said it! They grow up so fast. He looks so big riding that bike. I am so PROUD of him. You know, he doesn't really cry when he gets hurt, just when somthing touches his heart. My baby! I have to get over there to see him ride.


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