Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here I Am!

I know... It's been a while. A looooong while! Things have been busy and they are just about to get even busier. But, before they do, I wanted to fill you in on what's going on. Get a snack and a cup of coffee or tea... this one is lengthy.

First off, after our beloved yellow lab, Wrigley passed away, I found myself lost without a dog. It was awful. I wondered the house trying to figure out what I was suppose to be doing. Our home just wasn't the same without a dog. So, we got another yellow lab and named him Walter. He was 8 weeks old when we got him and he is 6 months old now.
Walter is the worlds worst dog. Think Marley, but worse. Somehow, he won our hearts over with his funny personality and warm eyes. He has tons of energy and is generally a bad dog. Thank goodness he's so cute. He's growing by leaps and bounds, and quickly! If it's possible, he's even a bigger mama's boy than Wrigley was.

The kids started school in August. Mac is in 4th grade, Anna is in 2nd and Elan started kindergarten. For the most part, they all like school. Elan tried to find excuses to stay home with me for the first month- my tummy hurts, my eye hurts, I'm too tired, we don't learn anything at school, etc. He went anyway...

This past October, I finished my second full marathon. I ran in Columbus, OH and finished 43 minutes faster than last year! I was so excited that I finished in under 4:30 (4:27:45). Two of my brothers surprised me on the course at mile 17. I was so surprised and excited. It definitely gave me the energy to finish the race strong.

My sweet Anna made her First Communion a couple of weeks ago. She looked like an angel and we were so proud of her. She has had a rough start to the school year with some emotional ups and downs, but she is getting better and on this special day, she was floating!

Stephen shot his first buck this year with a bow and arrow. We were all so proud of him! The kids were ecstatic! This week, over the Thanksgiving holiday, he took each child out individually to hunt. No one brought home any meat, but they saw plenty of wildlife and had a great time. 

I have been crafting plenty... sorry... no pictures. I will take some soon though. I'm making Christmas gifts this year, so I will share what I can! ;) I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for so much, but mostly for my family, my strong faith and my health. Life is so good.