Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hearts + Hugs

I love Valentine's Day. I think I love it because it's all pink and red with chocolate all over! Stephen thinks it's a made up holiday so Hallmark can make more money. I've been trying to change his mind for years. This year I made some fun heart garland that I tied on to my dining room chandelier. It turned out so cute!
The tulips? From Stephen? No... got them at Costco. They look so pretty and they were only $6!!! I just couldn't pass them up.
The dining room looked so nice that the kids decided to make their Valentine's in there. Mac just stuck stickers on the back of a sucker, but Anna and Elan went to town! Anna actually made all 28 of hers from start to finish. She decorated a glassine envelope and stuck a chocolate inside. Complete with hearts, jewels, polka dot stickers and a cute mini red clothespin. 
Elan did good just signing his name on 23 Valentines! In the process, he ate several pieces of chocolate.
This is the Valentine I made Stephen... It's very glittery. The plaid paper is from My Mind's Eye "Lost and Found" collection and I LOVE it! The "X" and "O" are covered in little red and white seed beads. Cute, huh?! 
And that concludes my Valentine decor/card/activity for the night. Have a good night. ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stationery News and 20% off!

Yikes... I haven't been updating on my blog in so long that Blogger has the "Follow" link up again and I didn't even know it! It's not that I haven't been crafty, but I just haven't had the time to photograph and post my projects. It's been crazy around here...
My step mother-in-law has been battling lung cancer since Thanksgiving and she has been in and out of the hospital since then. We've had Christmas, I redid my foyer, celebrated Elan's 5th birthday, took Elan to the hospital and got his first set of stitches (6!). I planned and hosted a Valentine's brunch for school moms, and I have revamped and updated my stationery website- which took forever. So, I have been busy.
I took some photos of my latest projects and even some Valentine's, but will have to upload those tomorrow. ;)
I did want to share with you all my stationery website. Paper Doll Stationery is my business that I run out of my studio in my home. I am a "one man band" so to speak and have had the business since 2003. The website has been up and running since 2007 and I have just updated the products and design of the site- I am so pleased with it! I would LOVE for you to take a peak and see what you think! I am offering a 20% off discount right now on your entire order! Just use the code "NEW" at checkout. You can also become a Facebook follower there as well! Here is the site link again: Paper Doll Stationery, share this with your friends and family! The success of my business is based on referrals!
Here are some new items and customer favorites...

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I have loads of new things, so check it out! Get a gift for a friend or give to yourself! I can ship anywhere in the USA! Paper Doll Stationery, personalized papers from fun & sassy to traditional & classy!