Sunday, July 8, 2012

We say goodbye...

4-26-02 to 7-7-12
Yesterday, we said goodbye to our beloved yellow lab, Wrigley. Wrigley was 10 years old and our first "child." My three brothers gave him to Stephen and I for our wedding gift. He turned out to be the best gift we could have ever hoped for. Wrigley was sweet, gentle, funny, friendly, neurotic, so toerrant, and made our family so happy.

Elan and Wrigley watching a show together.
The big Wrig put up with so much: kids laying on him, dressing him up, poking out his eyes, examining every orifice, fingers in his mouth and ears, the list goes on... and he never minded one second of it if his kids were happy.

Anna snuggling with Wrigley.
Wrigley had many blankies and toys. However he didn't care much for "dog" toys. He loved the homemade blankets and stuffed animals that his kids shared with him. He would carry his current favorites all over the house and even into the back yard.

Mac and Wrigley on the beach.
We took Wrigley for his first and last beach trip last year. He loved it! I loved how he always stayed with one or all three of the kids, almost as a protector. He was always guarding the kids when they were little: next to the crib when they were babies, alongside the stroller and bikes when they got bigger. He loved the kids, everyone was his friend and he never harmed a fly... he may have even been afraid of them!

I'm going to miss my shadow... he was a member of the family and a best friend. He was always something good to come home to, a soft thing to pet, love and cuddle. He always understood when something was wrong or if someone was sick because you would get extra love at those times. I hope he knows how much we loved him and how much he is missed already.

I love you, buddy.