Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is me.

Yesterday, I got quite a bit accomplished. So, I rewarded myself with pure craft time after the kids went to bed. Stephen was fishing, so the house was nice and quiet. I finished Anna's gifts for her teachers and this layout to begin mine and Stephen's scrapbook.

The journaling reads:

At 33, I am peace with myself. I know who I am and what I like and don't like. In the past 3 years, I have changed- for the better! I am more patient, understanding, a better wife, mother and friend. I try not to expect too much from others and give of myself as much as I can. I have learned to be happy with what I have, to respect myself, speak openly and say no.
I am 33 and I love who I have become.

*Notice the cute felt bird and darling buttons? They are from Tessa Ann's Etsy shop! You can visit her here:

And today... I got busted. I ran a red light. Totally on accident, I swear. I was almost home with Anna and Elan in the back seat and Wrigley riding up front with me. I turned around to check Elan, he was passed out asleep, and when I turned back around, I realized I was under a red light AND a police officer at the corner already had her lights and siren on (as if I was going to out run her). Anyway, she wasn't very pleasant. My license was expired by 6 days (I didn't know it) and Stephen had taken out my registration this morning to renew my tags. You could tell she had had it with me, my fat dog and hot children before she returned back to her fancy cruiser. When she did return to my car, ticket in hand, she proceeds to say, "Technically, I should take you to jail since your license is expired." Well, technically, she didn't. The good news? I only got fined $20. Not including court costs and a new, gorgeous photo of myself on a Bluegrass State drivers license.


  1. OMGosh! I guess I better check my license and I think mine might expire this year too! YIKES! Well at least it wasn't a speeding ticket! She must have had a bad bad day!

  2. Yea!!! I LOVE your layout about yourself!!! I hate pictures of me - don't think I could do this. (ok, maybe if you sent me one of your cute birdies that I am in love with!!:)
    Proud of you sis!

  3. I have always loved who you are and am glad you can see the beauty in yourself finally. It runs very deep.

    The ticket was just a small bump in the road. You know they are going to come along every now and then. Just move on!


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