Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day + Giveaway!

This is my flag note pad. Very patriotic and great for summertime notes. Want one? I am giving away a flag note pad that measures 5.5x7.5 inches and has 80 sheets of note paper. It will go to one of you! All you have to do is sign up to follow this blog (click on "follow" to the right and it will prompt you from there on what to do.) If you are already a follower, your name is already in the hat, so good luck! My note pads have been super popular and a great gift item. There are lots of designs to choose from! Some of you already know about Paper Doll Stationery, but for those of you who don't, check it out here:

I have made stationery and invitations under the Paper Doll Stationery name for about 8 years now. I realize some of you aren't "crafty" or don't scrapbook, so I am going to add to my blog with new stationery designs and giveaways. It should be fun!

Enjoy the evening and the start to summer, Happy Memorial Day!
By the way, I don't like my new printer. Uploading photos into the correct folder on my computer is a nightmare. And the Adobe software it came with didn't come with good instructions. It will be weeks before I get the hang of it, so I'm bringing back my old printer for photo purposes and using the new one for stationery printing.


  1. Love the note pad!! Had so much fun yesterday!! Have a great Memorial Day! And you'll get the hang of that new printer in no time!! Kel

  2. Oh man, I hate it when that happens! You think this is going to be the perfect thing and will make my life so much easier! And then boom, not at all, more difficult! Frustrating, etc. But you will get the hang of it! I hope it's sooner instead of later! :) Love the stationary! :)

  3. The note pad is soooo cute. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner!

    I went to your website to refresh my memory and it is beautiful! What great gift ideas. The kids invitations are my favorites.

    Hope Mac has lots of fun at field day.


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