Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kendall!

Today is my niece Kendall's birthday! She is super crafty and loves to come over and dig in to all of my supplies. I just love it! When she is here, she says, "Aunt Lou Lou, what kind of craft are we going to do?" On this particular day, we made fairy tale puppets...

This picture was taken on my birthday- I don't look so hot, but Kendall looks precious with that darling smile on her face! I'll sacrifice the "uglies" since it's her birthday! Have a swell day, sweetie!


  1. OK sista! Back at ya - Where did you get your cute yellow shirt?? Mine came from the Jr. dept. at Macy's last week! I love it!!
    And, What a GREAT Auntie you are!!

  2. I have never seen anything as cute as their puppets. No wonder she loves to go to Aunt Lou Lou's house! Loved her card too.


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