Monday, August 31, 2009

Halloween Mini Kit

This is a Halloween mini kit that I got from Sammye Jo, over at 62Cards. She sells this mini album kit (along with several other super cute kits) in her Etsy shop. I loved all the papers and embellishments in the kit and have a ton left over. I plan to save it all and add a new page each year. The only items I added to this were letter stickers from my stash, black ink, and foam adhesive. Everything else was included in the kit. Click here to get yours!

Page 1, 2005:
A little Mr. Incredible and a purple Octopus
Page 2:
All the loot... they were in heaven!
Page 3, 2006:
A Robin, and a green and purple polka dot Frog
Page 4, 2007 (with our newest addition who hated Halloween)
A Prince, a Gypsy, and a Giraffe
Page 5, 2008:
A Batman, a Cinderella, and a Cowboy

Thank you, Sammye Jo, I had a ball putting this album together and can't wait to add to it each year as a wonderful keepsake of our past Halloweens as a family. Enjoy!


  1. Gee Whiz! Your kids are going to have so many keepsakes when they get older. Wish I had been smart enough to do some of these things!

  2. Hi! I just "fell" over your blog and love it! The Halloween card is cool and I love your entry for Caardvarks!! The pics of the dog and the turtle made me laugh!


  3. Super cute!!

  4. What a fun album! Totally adorable!

    (-: Heidi


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