Monday, August 17, 2009

Triathlete Triumph!

This weekend, I went with my family to Evansville, Indiana. I had the pleasure of watching my brother, nephew, and uncle participate in a triathlon. All three of them did awesome! It was so exciting and thrilling and I am so proud of the three of them for finishing with smiles of achievement on their faces!
Three Champions... my brother, Nate, nephew, Tyler, and Uncle Terry
The first leg... Swimming
Tyler, running out of the swim (I would be crawling)
Nate, drying off, getting ready for the bike ride. All the while he's smiling and talking to us, "The swim was great! It was a little crowded and muddy, but the water felt fine!" (I would be saying, "ick, this water is nasty!")
Gearing up for the bike ride. If someone told me I had to ride 19 miles up hill, I would laugh at them! (And if they were serious, I might start to cry.)
And the finish... Nate pushed it into high gear at the finish line, laughing and smiling!

Seriously? I'd be barfin', but look at this face... pure "I DID IT and I FEEL GREAT!"
My niece, Kendall, she was so proud of her daddy. She even had a tissue to wipe off all the sweat on Nate's face. I know in her mind, she is thinking... "My HERO."
Congratulations, guys! You did so awesome and I am so proud of all of you! You are my hero too!


  1. How great are those pictures!!! We were all so proud of them. The next day Nate washed windows inside and out!!!! He has never ending energy. I would have been licking my wounds!

    It was great fun.

  2. Please email me your address so I can PIF and I will give you mine.


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