Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card for a Challenge

Hello everybody! Here is a card I made for the Caardvarks challenge. The challenge was to make a card using the sponsors colors, hot pink, black and white. This is an awful picture, but the black is glossy cardstock. Lots of fun textures! This is a little gift I put together for a friend who did me a little favor. I thought they turned out cute! ;)
Okay, that's it for today... it's been super busy!


  1. Such a sweet card Amanda, love all the textures and patterns. That's some lucky friend you made the stationery for! ~Diane

  2. Awwww...I made your blog! I saw Anna in the hall today and she yelled out "Hi Miss Mindy!" It was so sweet! Thank you so much for the cards--I have been showing them off to everyone :)

  3. oh WOW! that's gorgeous! i ♥looooooooooove♥ the color/pattern blocks...and the greeting with the embellie in the lower left...and that little strip of felt is the PERFECT accent! and again i say, "oh WOW!" :)

  4. Wow! I loved the card challenge entry. The little gift packet is darling too!

  5. I love your card! Love that pink felt!! And your gift is too cute for your friend.
    Cara DCRU DT

  6. Cute!! I love that you have won stuff (at least acknowledgement!!) for your cute cards and layouts!! Yea Amanda!
    (And lucky Mindy Jett!!)


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