Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello... It's been busy this weekend! Lots of fun, lots of orders, lots of grocery/school supply shopping. I went scrapping on Friday night and only got two pages done! It was so fun seeing and talking to everybody that getting only 2 LO's done is just fine by me! I will post them tomorrow.

I had a camera class on Saturday morning and it was very informative- I actually learned quite a bit. I'm anxious to put my knowledge to work and take some pics, hopefully they will be better than before.

We are getting totally psyched for school to start around here... new supplies, uniforms, backpacks, teachers and the kids are excited to see their friends. I'm pretty darn excited too... since Elan will be at a Parents Day Out program twice a week, I get the house to myself for 8 hours a week! What will I do with all that free time??!!

Until tomorrow, here's a fun page I did for Mac's book. The photos are from the spring soccer league at St. Albert- he LOVED it!


  1. Love this layout!! He is a soccer star! Emily

  2. Love Mac's soccer lo. I'm sure he does too!

    Those 8 hours a week will seem like 8 minutes!


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