Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet Douglas

We have inherited a new pet... Douglas the turtle.
He's very pleased to meet you! Anna is in heaven with a pet all her own. She digs out in the garden for fresh worms for him to eat everyday, takes him for walks outside, makes him "nests" and today, I found poor Douglas in the back of one of Elan's big dump trucks, going for a ride. I think Douglas is happy here, and likes his new best friend.Welcome to the family, Douglas! Even Wrigley likes you.

The "Pay It Forward" project still has one spot left. If you are interested, or want to read more, click here.
And for tomorrow: a card, a layout, and my sweet Mac goes to his first day of 1st grade.


  1. Congrats Anna! I KNOW you will take care of him....and if there is ever a day or moment that you need a babysitter....call Kendall

  2. OH BOY!!
    Just so you know Anna, the song playing when I opened your mommy's blog was "Oh It Is LOve"!! I am so happy your daddy said you could keep Douglas!! She is such a sweet turtle and we know you will take GREAT care of her!! I know how much you love all animals and I am wondering if you will become a Veterinarian!! So happy you and Elan love Douglas! Have fun with her!!

  3. she looks very happy to have a new pet! Congrats.
    I have been meaning to come and say thanks for all the sweet coments you have let me!

  4. Anna, I love the picture of you and Douglas. I can't wait to meet her in person. She looks like such a sweet turtle. She is really lucky to have you as her new Mom and two really great brothers to love her too!

    (Mommy, don't read this to Anna, but why does Douglas have a frown on her face???)


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