Thursday, August 20, 2009

My baby grows up...

OVERNIGHT. That's right, my sweet baby, Elan, who is 2 1/2 woke up yesterday and says, "Mom, MOM! I want to wear underwear! Football players wear underwear!" Well... uh... OK! So we put the big boy underwear on and the rest is history. That sweet, smart child kept those undies dry the entire day- NOT ONE ACCIDENT. Then yesterday afternoon, he says, "Here mom. (handing me his pappy and blankie) I don't want these. I'm big now. I'm potty trained!" Well, sniff, sniff, ok.
And at this moment, he is still dry as a chip in his big boy underwear, and blankie is under a chair and pappy is on the kitchen floor. What happened here? He'll be off on his motorcycle going to college soon... boo-hoo-hoo...
And this is what I miss...

This is one of my favorite LO's. It's Elan at 10 weeks old. I loved this LO so much that I submitted it for publishing a while back. (Still no word on that part ;) Anyway, Elan was a very hard baby- cried all the time and never slept. So, I feel like I missed his infancy. I was so busy being stressed, depressed and upset that time just passed by. Enjoy your infants while you can... they will be potty training themselves soon...


  1. I told you!!!!! :) Maybe mMatthew let him in on the secret! YEAH!!!

  2. Great LO and such a precious picture! I know I'll miss them at this age one day, but I can't wait until my boys are potty trained! Thanks for playing with us at Pile It On!

  3. What a sweet, sweet LO! Beautiful pic!

    Sad when they grow up, but lucky you to have a self potty trainer!

    (-: Heidi

  4. how sweet is that! and a little sad too! he sure is a cute and that layout is precious I can see why it is a fav!

  5. What a beautiful boy!!! And lucky you - he made the decision - Good Boy!! He is a BIG boy now! Just very sweet your page. My boys are now 21 and 12 - I miss those candid moments. Now I'm just 'stupid mom' cuz I just don't get it.

  6. Oh, I know how you feel! My baby boy is about to be TEN! We're talking double digits, practically a teenager! sigh

    Anyway, I wanted to drop by and visit, thank you for your sweet comments you left me during the Caard Hop! Thank you! And now I'm going to have to follow your blog because you have such lovely work! :)


  7. I can't stand it that our baby is getting so big so fast. Love that picture of him. That LO should win something!


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