Monday, August 24, 2009

KY State Fair

When I was a kid, my mom and grandmother would pack us up and take us to the fair every year. I remember a lot about our trips to the fair, but one of my most favorite memories is Freddy Farm Bureau. He was this huge talking farmer that was at the front entrance. All the kids would gather around him and he would talk to us! I mean Freddy was awesome- he would comment on our outfits and ask us questions and tell us to have fun at the fair! So, here he is, he hasn't changed or aged a bit! The animals were our favorite! Here are the kids, annoyed that I'm taking another picture, in front of a giant chicken. They were handing out straw farm hats, so they each had one of those too!
Fair food! Yummy! Only the fair can hand you a ball of deep fried grease with powdered sugar and somehow taste so delicious!
Petting a cow, one of many animals Anna had her hands on...
Anna fell in love with this Lionhead rabbit. It was for sale, so I think she will be getting this for her birthday in October. My little animal lover...
So, the KY State Fair was a success! We had a ball and will return next year!


  1. How fun! A trip to the fair is a must for the kids. Looks like you guys had a great time. Hopefully we can make it out there in the coming days as well.

  2. Anna is just like her mommy. Remember that bunny you had in high school that disappeared from your backyard? And I love Mac's superman shirt!

  3. LOVE those pictures. It looks like you all had a ball. And the food - YUM YUM! That little bunny doesn't even look real. Doesn't she have a fake one that looks kind of like that one? She'll die if she gets one for her birthday!


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