Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making A Bad Day Good

My little buddy, Mac had a bad day today at school. I picked him up and he was sulking. When I asked him what happened, he said that two kids spit on him at lunch. (Now, before you gasp, I have already emailed the teacher and the "spit" could quite possibly be from talking to fast, etc.) Nonetheless, the little guys feelings were hurt and his spirit was crushed. So, Supermom stepped in and we all went to Starbucks after school and got hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.
While sitting in Starbucks, I found these cute cards pictured at the left. It was meant to be for me to see them today. It is a set of 30 cards that are 2.5" square and have a little flap on the picture. When you lift the flap, it has a simple encouragement on the inside. Easy enough for Mac, who is in Kindergarten, to read himself. The whole super cute box of 30 cards was $3.95. He will get one on his place mat at dinner tonight in hope for a better day tomorrow.

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