Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

Wow! What a change in weather since Tuesday... it's sunny and 70! Anna and I planted flower seeds in peat pots in hopes to have a flower garden this year. Bunnies ate last years seedlings twice and then we gave up. So, this year we are starting early indoors and transplanting into a raised bed (that Stephen doesn't know he has to build yet) with chicken wire around the edges. That will hopefully keep the bunny family living under our deck out of our flowers and vegis! This time every year we have several baby bunnies hopping around our back yard. The kids get a thrill out of it, and they really are so cute!

Spring fever is back and the outdoor life is grand! I can't tell you how many "practice egg hunts" we've had. Elan will be a pro at finding eggs by Sunday.

I'm still making some spring things and all the pastel color paper is making me feel like I can create anything! I'm going to dinner tonight with the girls for my birthday and I'm bringing them each a little party favor of Easter treats (dark chocolate M&M's and Peanut M&M's mixed together). A simple item makes a big impact if it's packaged right! I like to use cellophane bags and pretty ribbon or raffia. A kind gesture and budget friendly!

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