Monday, April 13, 2009

After Easter Greetings

Easter was a basket full of fun... tons of treats, eats, family, and a super great egg hunt! Mom made the kids outfits, which were precious! They looked so cute in their Easter finest until about 12:30 when they had a combination of dirt, chocolate and lunch all over them!

The Easter bunny was really good to them, bringing them chocolate bunnies, toys and these rad bunny sunglasses. Their baskets were hidden in the morning, and Anna found hers in the "fridgerlater". She thought that was so funny!

Our annual egg hunt at Uncle Tim and Aunt Betty's was awesome! Each year, we have more eggs, more kids, more treats, more pictures taken, more fun! It just gets better and better. Here are a few pictures from the egg hunt... we have beautiful children in our family!

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