Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Monday!

Mondays are typically lazy and not much goes on. This is a day when the kids and I kind of take a break from a busy weekend. Well, today I was full of energy! I did laundry, changed sheets, cleaned the house, mopped the floors, played with the kids, went for a bike ride, and got a LO done for a challenge. Whew! I might crash at 8:00, but hey, it was worth it!
If you are a scrapper and you haven't been over to The Scrap Review, check it out! Just click on the blinkie at the right, outside of this post. They had a challenge posted last week to make a LO using junk mail. No patterned paper, but solids, stickers and embellishments were ok to use. They are giving away a couple of cute green/recycled patterned paper packs to the winner. Here's hoping... (I love prizes!)

This is the LO I submitted to The Scrap Review challenge. All the materials (except the title letters, red rick rack and blue cardstock background) are from an allergy ad/brochure I got in the mail. It turned out kinda cute! (For a junk mail submission!)

One last thing... yesterday morning I was outside looking at my plants (that desperately need water) and I heard the sound of hot air balloons. I looked up, and low and behold the great Balloon Race was right over my head! (The race had been postponed from Saturday due to wind) I hurried the kids out to the driveway and we saw a dozen vividly colored balloons go across. It was so awesome!

This picture stinks, but you get the idea!

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