Monday, April 20, 2009

Derby week is coming!

Derby is on it's way! A fun filled week in Louisville, KY of events all week long leading up to the Derby at the famous Churchill Downs! The kids and I will be going to the Boat Race (Wed.) and the Pegasus Parade (Thurs.). Then, the track for Oaks Day on Friday with Stephen.
Oak Day is a fun filled day of mostly drinking and people watching. I just started looking online tonight for that perfect dress. After the 9th try, I gave up. The perfect dress doesn't exist for under $100. I am cheap. I am practical. I can't spend more than $100 on a dress. So... lucky for me, my mom sews. She is AWESOME! Truly she can make anything, but in hopes that she will say "yes" to my request, I searched for an easy pattern. I'm thinking this could be pretty darn cute with the right fabric. And downright comfy to boot! Here it is... (the long version without sleeves)

What do you think?


  1. I think it is very cute and will look great on you. Yes, you are a lucky girl that Mommy can sew!!!!

  2. Looks great, what sort of fabric are you thinking? You are a lucky girl to have such a talented mother, I remember all of those great dresses she made for our high school dances!

  3. I love it, it looks very comfy while also being stylish. Remember, no heels (OUCH!at the Downs!)and a sweater in case it is cold! (It won't be though. This will be a nice Derby year. Let us see the fabric when you pick it out!


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