Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fishing Widow...

That's what me and my 2 sister-in-laws are this time of year. Our husbands go on fishing trips for several days. Sometimes we get lucky and they are only gone for an entire day, leaving before the sun comes up and returning at dinner time. They fish in tournaments every Tuesday. They are die hard anglers.
This trip they left on today will last through Friday. They will be trying to catch some serious crappie fish. While they are not fishing, they will be eating like kings, drinking like frat boys, and making disgusting noises from all parts of their body. I'm sure there is nothing like an all guys fishing trip.
The Oaks Day dress has changed. When I got to JoAnn today, I couldn't find a good fabric/pattern for that long dress. So, I found fabric that I loved first, then looked for a different pattern all together. Here is the new dress:
I chose a vintage flower print for the dress and plain chocolate brown for the yolk. A pink hat a chunky jewelry will be fab with this dress! I'll post the fabric/finished dress asap!

Speaking of JoAnn, all you crafty people run over there! Don't walk, RUN! Everything in there is on sale. Fabric, home decor, and all their craft and scrapbook departments are on sale. I didn't see much that didn't have a 40% off tag on it. Their 12x12 paper is 6 for $0.96!!! That is super cheap! My dress pattern and fabric was only $12 all together! I call that being crafty with money! Now, scoot and get yourself some paper or fabric at JoAnn...

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