Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Crafts

Greetings! It's a beautiful day today, wonderful weather to play outside or plant some flowers, but... 2 of my 3 kids are super cranky. Elan is teething and Anna is suffering from the green pollen snots (allergies). Ugh... their moods can turn a sunny day grey in no time flat.

On a brighter note, tonight I'll be hosting Crafty Girls night out. We will eat pizza, indulge in adult bevs and get chubby on brownies, and in between bites, we will be scrapping! I hope to get a few LO's done and if I do, I'll post them here tomorrow.

My wonderful mother-in-law, Catherine, her birthday is today. She works, cares and gives too much and eats, sleeps, and takes too little. We hope to treat her to lunch tomorrow since she had to work on her birthday... Boo!!! I made her this card that I think she will love!

These flip flop note cards are for my sister-in-law, Erin for her birthday. She is a flip flop girl, so I made her these notes to accompany some cute flips to actually wear! I used Stickles glitter in cotton candy on the strap and center of the flower. The flower is a punch and the flip is a stamp. I personalized them on my PC.

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