Monday, April 4, 2011

A Quiet Place...

...that's exactly where I wish I was! It's the first day of Spring Break here, and the kids were occupied with a long play date. With seven kids, all under 8, it was busy, wild, and chaotic, but fun! We do have a busy week planned, so hopefully we will have some nice weather! Here is my most current layout: I love how it turned out! I finally decided to use the fabric tree from Trinkets,NH that I got on Etsy- it seemed perfect for this page! I also pryed that button I made out of my Kung-Fu grip and used it. The grass was made with green scrap paper and Martha Stewart fringe scissors- love them. Here's a close up: The background story to this layout is kinda funny... Elan was bugging the tar out of Mac, following him everywhere and talking his ear off. Finally, when Elan turned his back, Mac climbed the tree and finally had a quiet place to draw and write. It actually took Elan a while to find him! ;) *Challenge: Paper Issues: "Show Us Your Grass!"


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  2. Wow, I love that tree it's amazing. Great layout.

    I just came across your blog. Come check out mine.

  3. This LO is fabulous! Mac is such a trooper! It is tough being the oldest sometimes. Great job on getting over your button hoarding. I, too, suffer from hoarding so I know the pain! It was totally worth it! :)

  4. don't you just love Etsy? Your layout is totally awesome and the tree just puts it over the top! Great journaling too! Thanks for linking this for us over at Paper Issues!!!


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