Friday, April 15, 2011

Using Your Scraps!

Do you have scraps? I have scraps, yes I do, I have scraps, how 'bout you? Okay, that was really cheesy, but it just flew out of my mouth like a peppy cheerleader. But seriously, do you save your scraps? If so, do you use them? I save 'em and I use them- a lot. I even have drawers that the scraps are in and organized by color. For example... If you make a layout like this: are only using less than half of a 12x12 sheet of paper. Sometimes, I save to use on a layout for a different kid (heaven forbid that the same paper be on 2 different layouts in the same book!). When I don't want to do a layout, I make a card! This card, I used the orange polka dot paper and added some matching stripes to coordinate at the top. I had a bit of the stripes left, so I used it to make another card: The pleated paper is another scrap that my friend, Elizabeth had in her trash. This type of trash digging would be called "Ragpickin'" in my family. Waste not, want not, Mom always said! The flower is from a swap that Elizabeth had also discarded- well I sure am glad I saved it, because it looks pretty cute on this card! So, there you have it... a layout, and two cards made mostly of scraps and unwanted leftovers that I fostered into cuteness. Hope you find some use of your scraps and make them feel wanted and loved... that hideous paper is just begging for a makeover!


  1. I have a really difficult time giving up scraps, I use many of them for making gift tags- I've made a bunch of them a couple of years in a row for our MOPS auction... I really need to follow your lead and work on some cards with those scraps too! Waste not want not! :)

  2. Great layout! Love the title and the alphabet paper! And such cute cards! So hard to beleive that you saved the supplies from the trash bin. I too have many scraps and I do use them but right now my daughter uses them more than I do. I try to hide the really good ones in the bottom of the drawer so she doesn't get to them first!

  3. yeah! I love the use of scraps! Thanks so much for a great post!

  4. Love it. Love scraps :) Need to use more of them though!!!!! You are so talented!


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