Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Photos

Easter was wet. We even had to have our Easter egg hunt inside. The rain broke for a few minutes, so I thought, "perfect time for a photo!" Unfortunately, no one was in the mood for a family pic- including me. I was gross from cooking in a hot kitchen, the kids were on a sugar meltdown and tired from getting up at 6 am to see what the bunny brought. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot.

Attempt #1. Elan refused to look at the camera even when Stephen was trying to convince him that Uncle Nate was making a hideous face.
Attempt #2: Resorting to the fact that Elan was not going to cooperate, I look a tad bewildered, but Anna makes the best of it and starts making goofy faces back. This family photo thing is not happening...
Attempt #3: Elan gets set free from the torture and Mac and Anna decide not to cooperate. At least it's a good one of Stephen and I!
Finally, I refuse to give up and pull out the big guns. "No Easter photo, No egg hunt. Your choice." Ha! It worked. Mama wins.
Because the weather was so awful, we couldn't play or eat outside. So, I had to set my tables inside. I pulled out my China, crystal, fancy flatware, and borrowed a beautiful linen tablecloth and napkins from mom.

Each spot had a treat. I used pink bags for the girls, and green for the boys. I used the darling tag from Free Pretty Things For You and tied them on with twine. The bags were filled with chocolate mints and Godiva truffles. They were a big hit!

So, I survived my first Easter hosting dinner and it was so much fun! Now, I just need to survive the big race tomorrow... Kentucky Derby mini/Marathon is in the morning. Kicking off Derby week with my running shoes on!

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  1. You go girl!!! Love the family pictures...candid is always more fun and interesting! Hang tough!!


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