Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Boy Layout With *gulp* LACE!

Boy layouts are kind of hard when you have to "dress them up." For example: Mac's First Communion. I wanted it to be sweet, white, add some softness, maybe a flower... but for a boy, it's tough. So, I was glad to see the Etsy Inspired Challenge for the week. The Etsy shop is Creating Is Fun and there are lots of great, vintage looking things in the shop. These are the two things that inspired me:

And here is my layout: I am happy to say that it's still very much all boy, but has a flower, lace, a button, rhinestone and laser cut paper. It's sweet and peaceful- exactly what I was going for!
Thanks for the inspiration! ;)


  1. Your hyphen is incorrectly placed. The word must be divided between the double letters.

  2. What a Gorgeous and Peaceful page. And the lace goes so well with a ceremony like a First Communion. I love the BEAUTIFUL dove too. So glad to see you playing with us this week at Etsy Inspired. :)

  3. This is a beautiful layout! Love the look of the off white lace on the white lace die cut!

  4. Fabulous layout! A great boy layout and good job working in the lace!

  5. LOOK at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How grown up!!!!! Such a great LO and I think the perfect mix of softness for the occasion!!!! XOXO


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