Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anna's Creations

This past Monday, Anna was out of school. I asked her what she wanted to do. Her response? Make cards! So, we sat at my desk and started crafting. The two of us sat together and just rummaged through the scraps I had laying on my desk and in baggies that I had put aside. She want to make a couple birthday cards. This one is for my niece, Lucy, who will be 4 on April 4th. Lucy is having a "zoo animal" party, so this card is perfect! It was all part of Anna's plan! This one is for *me*... aren't I lucky!? My birthday is on April 6. She wouldn't let me see the inside, but didn't mind that I saw the front. ;)
This is the one I made. It's not as fantastic as Anna's cards, but I am still learning from her. ;)

And, even Elan joined in the card making fun, but I regret to inform you that I forgot to take a picture of his creation. His card is piled up with festive goodies!

So, if you would be kind enough, please leave Miss Anna (she is six) some crafty LOVE! She gets so giddy when people comment on her craftiness!


  1. Oh Anna, I love the zoo the card sooooo much! And the owl is just perfect for your MAMA! Don't forget Abby's birthday is April 5th and if you made her a card she would flip! Good job!
    Love you, Miss Emily :)

  2. Anna, what a fabulous job you did on your cards! Love the zoo animal train. Elizabeth and Liam miss you guys - hope you are enjoying kindergarten!

  3. Wow, Anna! You're cards are so pretty! Just love that zoo animal train you made! And that owl on your mom's card is so cute!


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