Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mac, my now 8 year old, started loving superheros when he was about 2. He had on a "super suite" or cape on every single day. He played the part too... jumping off steps, using a deep voice, rescuing stuffed animals or poor Wrigley. He has since grown out of dressing up, but still very much likes superhero's.
I had ordered this Amuse Superhero stamp to make his fifth birthday party invitations and thank you notes and I love it. I came across it the other day and a lightbulb came on...
That's right... a PINK Superhero, and the "A" is for "Awesome" or "Amanda." I'm feeling pretty super'ish right now... I just signed up for the *now closed* Chicago Marathon. So excited to have an even bigger goal ahead of me. A closer look...

My pink super boots have glitter on them to make me run faster! My belt has a green rhinestone that I can push to give me energy! Oh yea, I can totally get into the Superhero act...
I stamped "the sky is the limit" on the inside because I really believe that if you set your mind to something, you will accomplish it. Once I jump, it's with both feet.
Have a super day!

Supplies: Paper: My Little Shoebox, American Crafts; Cloud Die, Felt and Sentiment: Papertrey Ink; Superhero Stamp: Amuse; Coarse Glitter: Martha Stewart; Copics

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  1. This post is awesome, just like you! Good luck in Chicago!!!


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