Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Runs

Last Saturday was the Rodes City Run- a 6.2 mile race, the second leg of the Triple Crown of Running. The race was sold out with 9,100 bib numbers. Runners and walkers lined up downtown for as far as the eye could see...
Here I am at about 5.5 miles. I had to cheer for myself since Stephen was the photographer and the kids were talking to Uncle Nate.

I did it! Crossing the finish line felt great! It was the farthest I had ever run and I felt so good that I had accomplished the race with ease!

The best running buddies a girl could ask for... notice that Nate doesn't have a bead of sweat on him. What the?! AND he talked to us the entire run! Of course a six mile run at a comfy pace was like going grocery shopping for him!
After the race, they had a kids Fun Run. All three of the kiddos participated and they had a ball! I can't wait to scrap the pictures of them running!
The family that plays together, stays together. Go Team!
So, after the race last weekend, I needed a couple of days to rest my burning thighs. I ran again on Wednesday and then picked up a long run with my brother, Adam this morning. Seriously, he about killed me. We ran 8 miles of hills and friends, he TALKED THE ENTIRE RUN! All I could do was an out of breath "yea" for most of the conversation. I cursed him for taking me on every hill in the city, and his response? "Train on hills and you'll be prepared for hills." What the? I am no IronWoman competitor, nor do I wish to be. So, dear brother, take it easy on me next time! Hope I can get out of bed in the morning for church!
The last leg of the Triple Crown is coming up a week from today. The Papa John 10 Miler- and it is going to be tough. The course is through Iroquois Park... all H-I-L-L-S. Ugggh...


  1. Keep at it! You are a running fool!! Good luck with the 10 miler!

  2. Wow Amanda it is so awesome that you do this! Congratulations on such a accomplishment and I can't wait to see what you scrapbook with all the race pictures!

  3. you are such an inspiration! I wish I loved running. Funny thing--in the first picture, the guy in the bottom left corner with the blue shirt on is a friend of mine LOL small world :)


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