Friday, October 9, 2009

Cute, not creepy!

I love all this Halloween paper so much that I made several more festive cards. Here is one that I love. Look at that little boys face!

And, this is a package of 8 folded notes that will be for sale on my website soon. I'm coming up with lots of new designs for the holidays. Thanks to all the Caardvarks sketches a couple weeks ago, it has inspired me to really go the extra mile to make cute, unique cards, packages and gifts.
I will be posting some holiday goods soon! I have vowed to make most of my gifts this year, so I started early! I have to be careful what I share though! ;)

Hope you get to create this weekend!


  1. Absolutely adorable - both! I'll bet the dress will be a big seller at Temptations - better make plenty!! (the owls keep getting cuter)

  2. wow, these are awesome, luvin the vinage pumkpins in your foyer and your little boy in his "duck suit"....hehehehe, such a cute face......have a fabo weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Love it! Oh- I've got something for YOU on my blog :) check it out! - Sammye Jo

  4. Just wanted to send best wishes today for a safe and productive surgery.

  5. Great Halloween card! Another fabulous vintage image!

    Love the note card! Chic and sophisticated!

    (-: Heidi


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