Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Many Thanks...

I had oral surgery yesterday. It wasn't too bad... if you like having your mouth open for 4 hours and numb for 10 hours, having about a zillion stitches, a fainting/seizure spell, and a bit of swelling and pain today. Not my idea of fun, but boy will my mouth be beautiful!

I have plenty of people to thank for helping out with my kiddos, carpools, and the dinners that have been brought- my, oh my! The food has been unbelievable! My family rocks! So, today, I was feeling well enough to get in my craft room for a while. I figured I better get a move on the thank you notes. I made these three thank yous pretty quickly. I used all the same papers (October Afternoon), just different embellishments: This glittery butterfly is from Me & My Big Ideas

This "graffiti flower" was a gift from Sammye Jo at 62 Cards. I had to use it knowing it was going to someone special who would appreciate it! ;)

These 3 fabric flowers are from Trinkets. I received them in a goody bag at a weekend crop a couple of weeks ago. I added the pink button from my stash.

And on another note, I will be mailing out my Pay It Forward gifts tomorrow! So, you girls be watching for a fun package in the mail from me! Lori, you still haven't emailed me your address! I have yours ready when you do! Profumo@bellsouth.net

Off to bed with an ice pack on my face... I'll return tomorrow!


  1. You wouldn't let me bring dinner, so the least you can do is let me bring a crafty gift :) Glad to hear you are doing well! Thought about you yesterday!!! Thanks for the shout out too :) Love ya girl!!!!

  2. HI Amanda,
    Please check out my blog ...you will be happy!

  3. So glad you recovery is going well. You looked good this morning - a little swollen, but no worse for the wear!

    I reported to Kelly, Cassidy and Riley O'Loan that Douglas loved his new home and was thriving. Kelly says the next time his head flakes sprits it with water!

    Hope tomorrow is an even better day!!

    Love You!!!

  4. So glad that you are feeling better and getting around okay. Watch your mail for some goodies! Hang in there!


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