Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna is five today. FIVE. I just can't believe how time flies. She is beautiful inside and out. She is caring, loving, crafty, smart, genuine and a leader. She is stubborn and wants things her way. She can't get "talked into" much of anything. She says "no" alot, but I remind myself that that answer will be a very good answer in the teenage years. I am only looking forward to the future with her, I just hope it goes a little s l o w e r...She wanted a goldfish, so that's what she got. First, she named her "Fancy" then changed it to "Goldie." Elan has stuck his grubby little hands in the bowl more than a few times to "hold" Goldie. Uh oh...And a few pictures of her party:
Her delicious pumpkin cupcakes and all the jewelry Mamaw brought her.
This is funny: the bracelet is from the Vatican in Rome and the necklace is from the casino boat, Caesars! She was telling people that Mamaw brought her a bracelet from the "attic". Needless to say, she loved them both, but mostly because they were from Mamaw.
Anna's best friend, Molly. Molly's shirt says "best friend" and gave Anna the same one for her birthday. That was so cute I almost cried!
And this sweet thing, carefully opening her birthday cards. She absolutely adored each and every handmade card that her friends made for her. This card she is holding is from my niece, Kendall. She made her a birthday card with a turtle (Douglas) on the front. Anna loved it so much she hugged it! They are already carefully tucked away in her special letter box. I love that she appreciates all the handmade items made for her and appreciates the time and effort put into them.
Happy Birthday, Anna! I love you so much and five is going to be great! Love, Mommy.


  1. Happy Birthday Anna! Congrats on being 5!

  2. Soo cute! She looks so much like you, Amanda. I'd hate to think what Liam would do if we had a fish around the house. :)

  3. She is the spitting image of you! Such a pretty little girl!! LOVE it! Happy birthday ANNA!!!

  4. Such a sweet girl your Anna is, it's so nice that she appreciates her gifts. You must be doing a great job raising her. I received the Pay it Forward gifts from you last night. I love the personalized note cards and the apple embellie, I posted them on my blog. I really admire how you packaged them up, made the getting even sweeter! Thanks again. ~Diane

  5. LOVED all of the pictures. Anna is such a beauty. But I'm with you - I hope the coming years move a little slower. They are going way too fast to suit Mimi!

    Mamaw's gift was a hoot! It shows her versatility!


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