Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alexander and the ...

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
Have you ever read the children's book? I had a day just like his... (maybe worse)
It started at 5:30 a.m. when Elan was yelling, "MOMMY!"
I hopped up running into his room, "Elan? Honey, what is it?"
"Mommy, is it morning?" No way...
"No, sweetie, lay down and go back to sleep. It's still very dark outside."
15 minutes pass...
I get up again. "Yes, Elan? What's wrong?"
"My chin hurts."
"Ok, let me put some Vaseline on it. Now, lay down and get cozy and go back to sleep."
15 more minutes pass...
"MOMMY!... MOMMY!... Mommy! Mom?
Grrr... "Elan. It is the middle of the night. You need to go back to sleep. This is crazy! You are going to wake up Mac and Anna! What is wrong this time?"
"I have a booger."
"Well, it will have to wait until morning."
15 more minutes pass...
"MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!... Mommy! Mommy!..."
He apparently isn't going to go back to sleep...
"ELAN! Mommy has had enough! This is ridiculous! I have been up 4 times in 45 minutes. Let's get up. You are going to be so tired today..."
I get him in a comfy chair, turn on Disney Channel and warm up a cup of milk. I hand it to him and he starts to cry.
"I want to go back to bed! I'm tired! I don't want milk! I don't want to watch a show!"
Oh boy, buddy... You are going to sit there and watch a show and drink your milk if I have to tie you down to do it...
"Elan, if you want to go to bed, then go, but I am up for the day."
So, he marches himself upstairs at 6:15 and climbs back into his crib and sleeps for 2 more hours.
Then, I find out I have to have surgery on Monday morning on 8 teeth. I have some serious gum recession... so bad I have to have donated gum tissue. Yes, a cadaver in my mouth. Eww...

We go to the park today because it's gorgeous and I take my camera along in hopes to get a great fall shot of the kids. Literally, it turned into a wrestling match. I'll post those WWF pics tomorrow.

On the way home, car crash. Yep, I totally ran into the back of someone. Kids crying, cops flying, mommy sighing... can this day get any worse?

I think it's official: I am a worn out, frazzled mommy. I'd be happy to be a glutton on dark chocolate, then drown in a pool of stout beer.


  1. OH MY GOLLY!!! Wow does that top my no good very bad day! :( I am so sorry to hear about this day. Hope you can put it behind you and look for the silver lining. (There has to be one in there somewhere, right??!!!??) Big huge hugs to you sweet girl!!!

  2. holy moly! i hope you have nothing but a spectacular day tomorrow and that you get your well deserved chocolate!

    i just love that book though :)

    have a great and peaceful night!


  3. Oh Amanda! I'm so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday! I totally can relate to Elan though, it sounds so much like my 6 year old when he was younger! I hope all is well today after the crash and you got some rest! Let me know if I can do anything for you! You need some dark chocolate to get you through this day? :) Hey's it's a PDO day right? It's got to be looking up! :)

  4. LOVE YOU!!!! Matthew woke up at 6 this morning doing the same thing as Elan! (accept he now has a fever. UGH!) Hope all gets better. I'm bringing dinner to you guys on Tuesday! Some homemade chicken noodle soup so you can eat it too! (Hopefully)

  5. Amanda-
    You hang in there! By the way, I am up at 4:45AM every morning (monday thru friday) have Elan call me!:) I'll talk him into sleep again:)

    I am so sorry about your day, hope that this week goes a whole lot better for you. Please let me know if I can do anything for you guys.

  6. YIKES!!! What a horrible day! I hope the rest of the week went better. I am worried about the crash. I hope there wasn't a lot of damage. No one got whiplash, did they?? We are back home so maybe I can help.


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