Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anna's Invitation

Good morning, friends! It's going to be a busy weekend, so I thought I better post now, just in case time gets away from me!

Anna turns five on Monday. We are having her party tomorrow. I love it how Anna thinks Halloween is a celebration for her since her birthday is in October! I let her pick her party theme- and it's usually a hodge podge of things all put together! Here is her invitation:
Yesterday, she got to choose her pinata (a pumpkin), paper goods (an orange plate and ghost napkins), goody bag items (witches fingers, eyeball pin pong balls, Chinese yo-yos, candy, etc.), and cupcakes (decorated like pumpkins). The child knows what she wants, and don't try to talk her out of it!

Thankfully, she decided against a rabbit as a gift. She wants a goldfish. Like Elmo's Dorothy. Sounds great! And easy! So, today I will be getting a super cool fish bowl with pink rocks and a plant to put a goldfish in.

I have lots of crafting to do today as well. I hope to post those creations late today or tomorrow morning. So, keep warm, snuggle under a blanket and sip some hot cocoa or coffee and enjoy today.


  1. that is awesome! Pumpkin cupcakes beat out a lot of other options. I think she chose well:)

  2. Love the invite Amanda, it's just too cute! Anna is lucky to have a Mom as creative as you. When she grows up all these little things you do are remembered with great fondness. My 24 yr old has some great memories she still remembers, so keep it up! Happy Birthday Anna. ~Diane

  3. Yes, my Ann is a leader, not a follower. She has always known her own mind and I love the way she thinks. How on earth did she move from bunny to fish????? You are LUCKY.

    Can't wait to see all my babies today at the party. We'll be a little late since we have to take Jule to the kennel and they don't open until 3:30. We'll get there asap.

    Love, Mom

  4. What a cute post. What a happy little girl Anna must be. Love the owl!!


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