Friday, October 30, 2009

Animal Killer + A Card

I accidentally killed Goldie, Anna's goldfish. I was cleaning her fish bowl this morning, did everything right, put her in and five minutes later, she was floating at the top of the bowl. Why on earth did this have to happen right after I lost Douglas? Good grief... please, don't ask me to babysit any of your pets while you go on vacation!

On a brighter note, I FOUND Douglas... unbelievable, I know. He was in a pile of yellow leaves near a log pile on the side of the house. Anna was so happy! She put him on the deck to play and an hour later, he went missing again. This time, we believe he is under the deck hibernating. Douglas, we hope to see you in the spring!

And, since I haven't shared anything crafty in a couple of days, here's a card I made to go in a package of handmade greetings for the holiday show, Temptations, that I am participating in. This is the Valentine:Supplies: pink card base, KI Memories shimmer heart paper, white stock, border punch, ribbon, and felt (and I love you paper mfg. unknown).


  1. Too darn freaky about the goldfish after the turtle.. as if one was going to go one way or another! Now, we have a goldfish that floats upside down.. but is truly alive... gets gas.. go figure......

    Glad that turtle gave you a 2nd chance:)

  2. out of curiosity is Wrigley hiding these days just to be safe? :) Just kidding. It happens with pets sometimes. Hang in there!

  3. That is SO funny:) (although I am sure anna didnt think so! I missed Elan and tell him I will be there on Tuesday:)

  4. Awww, poor fishie. Sorry, I had to chuckle since it reminded me of when my husband cleaned Patrick's fish bowl, plunged him into icy water and then ahhhhh, he floats!! (oops!!) Have a great week, Amanda!

  5. My first pet sitting job ended in disaster. My daughter offered to watch her friends 3 goldfish for 3 weeks, by the time she came home there was only 1 left! Cute card Amanda! ~Diane

  6. Love, love, love the valentine. That greeting package is going to be fantastic!

  7. i will not laugh.
    i will NOT laugh.
    i will not...ok...mebbe i will chuckle just a teeeensy little bit; sympathetically, of course. :) poor goldie. poor anna. (poor MOM!!!) ♥

    on the plus-side, welcome back, douglas!!! (it's s'pose to get warm again next week, too, so he may hop back outta hibernation--at which time i suggest he be whisked immediately to the amphibian equivalent of leavenworth!!!)

    LOVELY valentine! i *HAVE* that paper, actually, but i've never used it HALF so well as you've done here. i love the concept of selling a pack with a year's worth of holiday card assortment in it. those will sell like HOTCAKES i am sure! (i suspect most AP goods sell like hotcakes; i know i would BUY them like hotcakes!)


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