Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sweet Boy

Mac is my oldest child. He is the oldest of three and just turned six years old. He is sweet, gentle, smart and oh, so handsome. (He looks exactly like his daddy!) He is so sensitive that he cried and could barely recover after visiting his Mimi after foot surgery. (She is doing great, but it nearly killed Mac to see her in any pain.)

Last night as I was watching T.V. I saw the new McDonald's commercial. The one where the big brother has to share everything with his baby and he never gets upset or frustrated, the big brother just goes on about his business. Then, the mom takes him out to lunch- just the two of them- one on one time together where the big brother doesn't have to share time/toys/food, etc. This commercial reminded me so much of Mac. He shares everything and never complains.
What a sweet boy.


  1. Wow! What a lucky lady you are, to have such a funny husband who is as good looking as that young man in the photo.
    Your blog is so cute, I can't hardly wait to see the next post.

  2. Mac I cannot believe you are 6 yrs. old! WOW!
    Uncle Rick told me he ran into you at Home Depot -- that's his favorite store you know!
    Hope to C U soon!


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