Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the road...

Going to Indy today for the "Sweet Sixteen"! Go Cards! Stephen and I are so excited to be there rooting on the UL Cardinals, going to get totally pumped up at a Pep Ralley... which I haven't been to since high school. The kids will be home, but they will be cheering from the sofa.
Lately, I have been trying to craft and make do with what I already have (which is quite a lot, actually). I am blessed... I have plenty, especially in the "crafty" department and Stephen never fusses or puts his foot down. In fact, he let me have an entire room in the house that's mine and he got the garage. And let me tell you, my craft room is the B-O-M-B! Anyway, I have a group of "crafty girl" friends and I made these cute and fun gifts for them. These little jotters are made totally of scraps! I am impressed with myself because I made 10! Here are a couple...

They were super easy to make: 2 pieces of chipboard that I covered with paper I already had on hand, embellished with scraps and buttons, then the note paper inside (a lighter weight, 65#) was also scrap that I cut to size. I held it all together with a binder ring and tied scrap ribbon on it for an added "holy cute!" The size of the jotters are 4.25x5.5 inches.
Make one today! Or... wait to receive one from me, you crafty girl!

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  1. GO CARDS!!! What a jealous that you all were there for those games, but I am certain you all had a ball. Love the blog!


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