Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am very lucky... I hope you feel lucky too! This is one of the two St. Patrick's Day cards I made this year. I intended to make several and send them out with a cute picture of all the kids in their shades of green, but it didn't happen. I tend to have high hopes for myself getting things done and I always fall short. I think I have too many ideas spilling out at one time...

Right now I am painting my kitchen, but while in the process I also started cleaning it, scrubbing the hardwood and had Stephen rip out the ceiling and re-patch it. It's finally starting to come together and I love the color, Applesauce Cake. I may have chosen the color because of it's name, just like how I pick a race horse.
The day is gorgeous so I hope to play and ride bikes outside with the kids this afternoon. Enjoy your day and good luck always!

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