Friday, July 1, 2011

Elan is 2 Wheelin'!

Last week, Elan learned to ride his bike without his training wheels. *Sigh* isn't he a little young for this? Why does he want to grow up so fast? This year, he will be riding a big boy bike in the 4th of July neighborhood parade, and it seems like last year I was pushing him in a stroller. Time just goes by so fast... 

He was so excited, and so proud of himself... he ran to me saying, "Mom! I'm never riding with training wheels again!" He picked it up easily and has been 2 wheelin' ever since.


  1. Such a fun and cool layout..TFS.

  2. Brilliant LO to capture a very special moment ... takes me back I tell ya ..

  3. Way to go ELAN!!!! WOW!!!!! And great LO Awow :)

    Love you all!


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