Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! My day has been filled with play dates, cupcakes, sweet cards and maybe even some pretty bling. ;)

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share some of the Valentine's I made this year:

A pretty, pink collage of sweetness...
A simpler version, but still cute!
This one was for one of my niece's and I love how it turned out...And another for a baby niece... the colors are precious on this one...
I had so much fun making my Valentines, all 22 of them!
I hope you have a great day filled with sweets and surprises!


  1. These are gorgeous! Love the felt embellishments!

    (-: Heidi

  2. 22 Valentines!!!! Thats awesome (but insane). JK :), these are beautiful! Love the first one with the collage! That little bird pin is so cute!


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