Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Jingle Belles challenge this week is to make a holiday card using "NO RED!" While red is one of my favorite colors, especially for the holidays, it wasn't hard putting one together without it...
I love this new ice skate stamp set from Papertrey Ink. It comes with different sock patterns and lots of darling sentiments for winter. My sentiment is a SRM sticker. ;) I embossed the snowflake pattern and added "snowball puffs" to the end of the laces and some chunky glitter to the ice skate blades. Closer:
I love the colors and had a ball making this one... since it involved glitter! The thing about Jingle Belles is that I can take my time making a super, awesome, detailed holiday card once a week and have a load of them done and ready to send by the time Christmas comes along. The only problem I'm going to run into is deciding which one to give to whom! Enjoy!


  1. i can TOTALLY help you with that last "problem" miss amanda: you can send ALL OF 'EM to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, ok, sorry, i should not be greedy, it's just that i am loving your cards as much as you're loving making them and they are all ♥SO VERY FAB♥!!! (this one is particularly cool--i looooove those skates, bigtime!)

    (& GREAT is it to be ditching the stress?! do you know i'd actually begun to believe i didn't like making xmas cards??!? turns out, i just don't like making them UNDER PRESSURE! doing it week by week with all my friends...SOOOO ROCKS!!!!!! ♥♥♥) :)

  2. SUPER cute!!!! Of course, I can't skate worth a beans, but then what do you expect from someone who prides herself as a "desert rat"? :D

    I love your embossed background (one of my faves), and how you popped up one of the skates to give it dimension. The glittery "snowball puffs"? AWESOME!! And your background DP is just so cheerful and happy. Love this card! :)

  3. Wow, I think this is my favorite of your holiday cards so far! Love the white on white look and that embossing is fantastic! Oh and the little puff balls hanging from the skates... brilliant!

  4. I'm guessing people on your holiday list will be sending you reservations for this fabulous design ... the pom poms on the strings reminded me of the big pom poms I use4d to have on the end of my roller skates ... and the glittery is beautiful too (and while I usually don't like music on blogs, I'm enjoying your tunes) ... thanks for joining our jingle belles fun.

  5. so sweet and so lovely! the skates are adorable and the white embossed background is perfect - love it!

  6. I love this card! It is so cute and makes me want to learn to skate. You are crazy talented!


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