Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Worm

Good morning... it's cold here, and we are apparently getting more snow. I know some of you are snowed in, but for those who aren't yet, I have a good book for you to get and read.
But first, a little project I made with scraps: My niece, Kendall loves to read. She's in first grade and she's really smart. I got her a book and made this bookmark to go with it. I sent it through the mail so she would be surprised. She loved it! I love to send stuff when people/kids aren't expecting it! :)
Now, on to the book review... The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a fantastic read. It's a memoir and tells of her life growing up with her crazy parents and 3 siblings. It's amazing the things the children endured and how they survived. It will definitely stick with you and make you appreciate what you have... like a warm bed and food in the pantry. Get it, read it, you'll love it.
I'm off to run in this cold weather. My goal is 4 miles and my reward is a hot bowl of chili tonight for dinner with a cold, dark beer to go with it. Stay warm, people.


  1. Love that you sent your niece a gift out of the blue and what a cute bookmark! Love the little beads.

  2. yeah for beads! They are almost as cool as polka dots in my book. Thanks so much for the book recommendations, it is really improving my reading list. Love the bookmark!

  3. I am new to your site and love your style! My daughter would love this to pieces! :)

  4. My SIL read this book. She said it was great, but hard to read at times because as a parent, she just wanted to shake the parents in the story!


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