Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time is flying...

My, oh my, how time does fly. It's Wednesday night and my "to do" list just keeps getting longer. I have lots of new stuff to share, but the pics are still on my camera and I just haven't had a moment to upload. So... I will share an old layout that I haven't posted before. This is my baby at 9 months. He is now 2 1/2 and seems to be growing too fast for my liking. He just recently started climbing out of his crib after naps. Another milestone coming up: the BIG BOY BED. I hate that I feel like I missed his infancy. We had a very rough first year and back then, I couldn't wait for time to pass and wished his "sweet baby" days away. Oh... how I terribly regret doing that. I tried to make up for it in his second year, and I believe I succeeded, but he isn't a baby anymore. I am blessed... he is here, he is healthy, he is happy. LOVE.


  1. Awe he is soooo sweet! I LOVE babies!!!

  2. What a beautiful lo of our little angel. Don't worry, I think you have more than made up for the first year. He was a tough one, but look how happy and adjusted he is now. The transition from heaven to earth was just a little harder for him than most. He has been loved from day one, warts and all!

  3. Hi Amanda, your blog candy arrived today, I am so psyched about the adorable owl, and I love the buttons, ribbon, paper and cardstock. Thank you so much, it was so much fun to win! Speaking of adorable, your little boy is just too precious, I love your layout, but I have to say, he steals the show! ~Diane

  4. This is darling, such great fall colors!

    (-: Heidi


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