Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sketchfest- Day 5!!!

They're still sketchin', and I'm still card makin'!
I finally finished up... it's been a busy day! Here's today's sketch from Caardvarks, provided by the super crafty, Heidi Van Laar:
And my take on the sketch:

I'm in love with this cloud paper from My Little Shoebox. So fun and versatile! The stripe is the reverse side. I made the felt cloud and bird myself with some scraps. Love the finished result and gunna send it to a special friend!

It's late... goin' to bed, night!


  1. I love your felt embellishments. ~Diane

  2. Hi love. Love it! I made some clouds out of felt the other day for a page! lol. Great minds think alike :) You are kickin' some sketch butt this week! Go you!

  3. Adorable take on the sketch!! And love your felt creations!!!!!!!

  4. Swoon! I LOVE this! I have a real soft spot for cloud paper of ANY kind and you felt creations are just THE cutest!!

    (-: Heidi

  5. oh WOW! swoon, indeed! this is fabulous, amanda, you have really outdone yourself this time with those gorgeous felt creations!!!

  6. They just keep getting cuter. Now what are you going to do that the sketchfest is over???


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