Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sharing... feelings and a layout + Giveaway news

Good morning... I have to get something off my chest.
Yesterday, I got my CK magazine in the mail. I had submitted several pages for their "Amazing Pages" call and knew one of my pages had not been chosen because I didn't get notified. That's okay. I will continue to try to get published. I eagerly opened my magazine so I could see all the "Amazing Pages" that actually were chosen. I was so disappointed. First, there were 10 published and some of those 10 have been published several times before. Second, there were a few that I personally did not see amazing qualities in. There were a couple that did deserve the recognition, because they were amazing, but geez... CK, do you think you can come outside of your box? I have noticed that the same people get published, the same type of layouts get printed, and so on. I have preferred Scrapbooks, Etc magazine for a long time now, so when my subscription is up at CK, I will be subscribing to Scrapbooks, Etc.
Okay, I feel better now. Thanks for listening. ;)

Here is a layout to share... it actually was a submitted page that didn't get chosen. Mostly, I love the photos. Elan was only a week or so old and Mac adored him. Mac would refer to him as "My Baby." I am so hoping to craft today. Lots of card and layout challenges are out there and I want to play! I got my Studio Calico September kit Thursday and I want to so bust it out and make something great!

*And, it's the beginning of a new month which means Giveaway time! Monday you will get to view the goody giveaway and have a chance to win. How do you win? Follow my blog, but only if you think it's awesome. A random winner will be drawn.


  1. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey CK you just lost one more subscriber!!! I was waiting to see my friend Amanda's AMAZING layouts in your mag but obviously you have your own little Mormon clique and will not look outside that circle. Let me know when you stop being Prejudiced and I may reconsider. Nah, I think I am done with you!!!

  2. Oops! Probably should send that to CK not you!
    I LOVE your layouts, you are the most crafty momma I have ever met. I am so jealous of your scrapping talent that I turn green at times. Those CK people are STUPID! I am switching to Scrapbooks, etc. too so start submitting to them. Maybe they can RECOGNIZE TALENT.
    (Sorry, strong loyalty to my friends runs deep and brings out the claws!!) ha ha haha!!

  3. That is the sweetest layout yet! How on earth did it not win???? Glad you re switching to another susbscription.


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