Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Family Affair

Last night, my mom and dad hosted a beautiful and delicious dinner for me, Stephen, my three brothers and their wives. It was so much fun to sit, drink, eat and talk without the interruption of the 10 kids between us all. Mom is a fantastic cook and a wonderful entertainer- it seems to come very natural to her and I'm trying to follow into her footsteps!

I had my camera and tripod, hoping to get a good picture of us all together, and this was the best one. It was starting to get pretty dark by the time I took it, so the lighting isn't great, but we are together and it's a good memory!
My mom and dad... aren't they cute?
The pretty dining room table. Mom made all her arrangements out of flowers from her garden and she cooked all the food. The menu was to die for... tomato basil and pine nut salad, fresh, homemade bread, stuffed pork loin, carrot souffle, fresh vegis, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. YUM!
To add to moms talent in the kitchen, garden and sewing room, she can also add oil painter. She surprised all of us with an oil painting that she did herself. They were amazing... I LOVE mine!
My brothers and I with our treasured pieces from mom. The paintings were all scenes with lambs because she is a huge lamb/sheep lover.
It was a wonderful evening. Thank you, mom and dad, for always making everything we do together so special and memorable. We are so lucky...


  1. Love the pictures of the family and of course your wonderful mama! Love, em

  2. HOW awesome. I love the togetherness!!!You are one lucky girl!!! P.S.- How did your hubby ever stand a chance with 4 brothers>!>!>!lol

  3. How sweet of your mom! Her table looks gorgeous and the meal sounds divine! :) Great job on the paintings too!

  4. Your mother sounds lovely. I am so glad that your family was able to get together and have that time. It is always nice to be able to do that!

  5. Wow! You sure make me sound a lot better than I really am! If I ever apply for a job, you are writing my resume!

    The pictures are great. I love the one of the table. Actually, the most fun I ever have is with my kids and grandkids and my siblings - all such fun people. It was great fun getting the food together knowing how much all of you like to eat (even if I did over-cook the pork)! I hope next year will be as big a success. The weather even cooperated.

    I am printing this and putting it in safekeeping for the days when I don't feel so accomplished. I will know that you think I am! The 8 of you are the greatest. Dad and I are the lucky ones!

    Thanks for the beautiful tribute. Everything you do is perfect. Lots and lots of love!


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