Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Stonington Ghost...

There is a ghost that lives at my house. I haven't seen or heard this mysterious, mischievous being, but it's here. I want this ghost out. Why, you ask? B E C A U S E...

It creates an absolute ton of laundry, it practically breeds itself. I can wash and put away 3 loads, go out for a bike ride with the kids and by mid day, all the hampers are full again. What the???

I can clean the floors spic and span, getting up every last thousandth dog hair and crumbs, go out to the grocery store and come back to filthy floors full of grass, dirt and yes, more dog hair. HUH?

It creates lots and lots of dishes. I can wash and load the dishwasher every night before bed and when I get up in the morning the sink is full of dishes. You have got to be kidding me!

I can pick up all the kids toys until I'm blue in the face, but as soon as I turn my back, that sneaky ghost gets them ALL back out again. No sooner than I turn around to stub my toe on a sharp car or truck that makes a loud siren noise. UGH.

And the shoes. Don't get me started on the shoes. It puts shoes EVERYWHERE. At the door, on the steps, in the garage, on the deck, next to the couch, on the furniture, EVERYWHERE but in the closet where they belong. Serenity Now!

This ghost has also trained my children to be deaf when they are asked to do something. And, I'm pretty sure my husband is on a first name basis with this prankster.
Tomorrow, I am setting a trap.
Do you have a ghost at your house?


  1. I believe this ghost must frequent my house as well...:)

  2. This is a riot! Seriously, why don't you consider writing a column for a magazine? I think you have the talent and the ammunition. Of course, having the time might be a challenge since you have this pesky, messy ghost!

  3. Dear Amanda,
    I have a tornado living at my house.


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